Dental Implants

Immediate Implant

Crown #7 was broken

Tooth was extracted

Inserted Implant with bone graft

Temporary crown connected to the implant

Ridge Augmentation (Case 1)

Before Surgery

In-adequate bone width for both areas

Bone particulates were placed at both sites

Tenting device was placed and secured

Surgery area was closed

Significant bone regeneration

Two implants were placed

Ridge Augmentation (Case 2)

Before Surgery

Significant bone loss horizontally and vertically

Tenting device was placed

Bone Particulate was placed at area

Placed titanium membrane (tenting device)

Surgical area was completely closed

Significant bone regeneration

Placed dental implant

Secondary bone graft (cosmetic purpose)

Surgical site was completely closed

Sinus Lift

Before surgery

In-adequate bone height and width

Open “lateral” window and access to sinus cavity

Bone particulates were placed into sinus cavity and ridge defect

Tenting device was inserted

Surgery site was closed

Significant amount of bone has regenerated

Placed a dental implant