The gum consists of two distinct areas, 1) keratinized gingiva, and 2) non-keratinized gingiva. The keratinized gingiva is attached to underlying jawbone and does not moved.  The non-keratinized gingiva is not bound to jawbone. Hence, this part of the gum is flexible and movable. Multiple studies have documented that missing keratinized gingiva increases the probability of 1) receding gum, and 2) infection around dental implant. Free Gingival graft is a surgical procedure designed to re-establish adequate zone of keratinized gingiva.

The procedure involves two operating areas: 1) recipient site, and 2) donor site. The typical donor site is patient’s own palate.  A thin piece of tissue is obtained from the roof of the mouth.  This thin tissue is then re-attached to the recipient area.  This procedure is highly predictable and results in a stable healthy band of Keratinized tissue around the tooth.

No Keratinized Gingiva

Keratinized Gingiva