Frenectomy is a surgical procedure which removes the frenum.  It is a piece of tissue in the mouth that extends from the lip or the cheek to the gum.  There are several different locations in the mouth where frenum is found.  The most common location is between the two upper central incisors.

Frenum can prevent teeth from staying in place after they have been orthodontically moved together.  The frenum at the lower front teeth may pull the gum away from the teeth and cause gum recession.

Lingual frenectomy is the removal of the lingual frenum. The lingual frenum is often called tongue tie.

Labial frenectomy
 is the removal of the frenum between the maxillae or mandibular central teeth.

The following diagrams are illustration of the Labial Frenectomy

Prominent frenum is present between front central incisors

Blade or laser is used to cut away the frenum

Blade or laser is used to cut away the frenum

Sutures are placed

After 4-6 weeks of healing period, orthodontic braces are placed

Final result