In many cases, an implant can be placed at the time of tooth extraction. Since the diameter of the implant is slightly smaller than the extracted tooth socket, bone graft is necessary to fill the gaps between implant and extracted socket wall.   The advantages of immediate implant placement are 1) shortening the waiting time, 2) minimize surgical procedure, and 3) faster healing process.

When front teeth need to be replaced and cosmetics are of concern, Dr. Wang will extract the tooth and place an implant without cutting the gum.  He will also fabricate a temporary crown and attach it directly to the implant so that no temporary removable appliance is required.  When implant is healed, the temporary crown will be removed and replaces with a permanent crown.

Following diagrams are illustration of the Immediate Implant Placement with Implant Support Temporary Crown.

The front incisor is fractured

The root is removed without cutting gum

Implant drills are used to shape the extraction socket

Implant is inserted into the extraction socket

Bone graft is placed to fill the void area between the implant and extraction wall

Temporary crown is fabricated

Temporary crown is fabricated

Temporary crown is attached to the implant